Turn Turn Turn

To everything,there is a season

And a time for every purpose under heaven…..

It is our time to Turn Turn Turn.It is so true ‘ From little things ,big things grow’

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Just another reason for me to cry …. So so thoughtful.

Thankyou to our beautiful children,our supportive families and our Mrs Casley for making our ‘purpose ‘so meaningful.Together we have created so many lovely memories.

It has been a joyful journey,the beginning of  a lifetime of ‘loving’ learning.

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Fly little birds,fly off to Kindy knowing we loved having you in Pre-Kindy,

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Love Miss Rowe

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Big World

As we farewell our little friends we wish all our little people and big people lots of love and happiness in life.We hope this program has helped your child as they begin to learn about our big world.For those not returning to Rangeway Primary,we wish you happiness in your new schools. If you ever need us for anything at all,just call back in.For those coming to Kindy at Rangeway Primary, we hope to see you around our great school and maybe even teach you again one day!

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How do you measure success?

Some people measure success by the amount of money you have or how big your house is or what kind of car you drive.The biggest measure of success for me is happiness.Happiness is so important.It is what drives success.If you feel happy and confident you can give anything a go.

We can see the happiness our children have in this program.We have seen the shyest of children laughing their heads off.We have seen new little friendships.We have seen confidence as more and more children eagerly tell us stories from home.We have seen children blossoming in their social,emotional and academic development.

What a beautiful thing to be a part of.

For this sucess to happen at school we need the support of families and you , the families have done just that.

Thankyou for all the support you have given the children and this program this year.When families value education by making sure their children attend regularly and by taking a close interest in their school day,you strengthen the learning.

This morning, the blog had had 7600 views which is absolutely mind blowing but just goes to show how much you value your child’s education.(If you check the blog after the new year,the program I use ,wordpress, gives statstics for the year.)I’m so glad you have been looking through our blog window and watching your most cherished possession soar! Thankyou to those who have left comments and to those who kindly filled in our survey last term.And then today,so much support and so much love.I did try really hard not to cry but is was impossible.I feel so proud of our kids and it is such a nice feeling to be appreciated.

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Your support has been amazing,Your children are very lucky to have such loving parents.Thankyou for sharing them with us this year.

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This lady shines bright in my life.I have worked with Mrs Casley for a few years now and apart from being a great assistant Mrs Casley has been a good friend to me.She has picked me up when I’m down,she has made me laugh,she has been generous with her time,her patience,her support and I am very grateful.

It isn’t that difficult to recognise true beauty.There is a ceratin realness about beautiful people.Thankyou for your realness Mrs C,for all the times you have been my second brain and most of all for all the love you have given to  the kids in our care. Thankyou for the one million photos you have taken this year and for making those beautiful photo books for each child.They are so special and I know they took you hours to make.Thankyou for donating so many toys and clothes for us to use in Pre-Kindy.

Boy am I going to miss my partner in crime.

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